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Team Officials Guide

The Pirates Baseball Club has long prided itself on being a family-based Club that provides a highly rewarding, social and fun environment. To protect these values, we have a Code of Conduct. This Code is available at the Procedures and Rules page. We ask you all to read this carefully and support the Code through your own behaviour.

As parents and team officials, we have a huge responsibility to the children that play baseball within our Club….a responsibility to act as role models of good sportsmanship and good behaviour.

In particular, we expect our Team Officials to lead by example and set the standard for their team.  Get players, parents and supporters to encourage team spirit and show support for good play (by either team) in a positive manner.  Strongly discourage negative behaviours – and ensure that all adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Our Coaches have the additional responsibility of developing and improving the skills of every child. At the lower age groups (U7, U8, U9) skill development is focussed on improving a child’s technique in 3 key areas: fielding, throwing and batting. If a Coach can confirm that he/she has done these things at the end of the season (irrespective of their win/loss record), then they have done themselves, their players, the player’s parents and the Pirates Club very proud.

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