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2020 parents T-Ball Gala Day

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2020 Parents T-Ball Gala Day - Rules

  All current Covid Rules in place to be followed including signing in and social distancingN

  Round Robin Tournament with Finals (30 min Games)
  Minimum 9 / Max 14 players
  U8 rules and equipment played on 90-foot diamonds
  5 runs scored or 3 out, side away (change of innings)
  1 strike and player is out; foul counts as a strike;
  Both hands must remain on the bat before contact ON BALL
►  No sliding: penalty is an automatic out (RUNNERS USED MUST BE ON YOUR TEAM LIST)
  Ball hit over the cones on a full is a Home Run; through the cones is a 2 Bagger
  Gala day Committee reserves the right to mix teams to spread experience
►  All parents who have played ANY SENIOR competition baseball, Softball or Cricket must switch Hit
     (EG Bat Left handed if they are naturally right handed Batter)

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29 Nov 2020;
2020 Parent T-Ball Gala Day
All team nominations are to be submitted by Monday 23 Nov 2020
08:30AM - 06:00PM
Corbin Reserve


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